book transcription service

If you are someone who is just considering writing a book or an experienced writer who is quite busy, dictation is what you need. You can transcribe book into ipa and enjoy the results.

Of course, we realize how busy you are to do book transcription on your own. If you do that, you complete double work. No worries, Transcriberry will take care of your transcription book process and type your book for you. All we need is your dictation.

How does book transcription work

Dictation is the quickest way to transcribe from book; therefore, if you need a transcriber book, you should provide us with your audio file. You can even submit a video file instead and still receive top-quality book transcription.

Thanks to the latest transcription software and experienced transcribers, we recognize your speech and transcribe book at the top level within the fastest periods of time.

Why use a book transcription service

Use book transcription services if you are a:

  • a writer who wants to start a new book;
  • author of webinars, seminars, etc.;
  • dating, business, a relationship coach who wants to publish his/her book, lessons, guides, etc.

You need a comic book transcriber when going to publish a comic book, and you need to know how to transcribing a book when just being willing to coach or give seminars. Transcription is helpful to everyone.

All types of book transcription

Our book transcription service provides all types of transcription. No matter what your original format or dictation is, we will complete your order. It will be a full-fledged text that meets all of your requirements and standards, ready for being published.

The perks of Transcriberry

Our service accepts all types of source files and guarantees top-notch text quality. If you still have doubts about whether you should use our assistance, check some perks of working with us, no matter whether you are a professional writer or a postgraduate who wants to save his or her time by dictating his research.

Affordable costs

How much does it cost to transcribe a book? If this is what you are wondering about right now, you should know that our experts who have many years of experience are very affordable because we have created a very fair pricing policy.

We guarantee top-notch quality at really great costs, and we never exaggerate our prices. Our costs are transparent, and you will never face any hidden fees.

High accuracy

Thanks to our experience, latest technologies, and modern software, we can ensure the best accuracy for the transcription of your book. Be sure that none of the details is omitted. We stick to each detail and deliver every emotion you meant to preserve.

100% Confidentiality

If you are worried about your book or ideas being disclosed to third parties, forget about your fears because we guarantee top confidentiality. We never open your payment or private details, as well as details of your book and order to anyone. We sign the agreement before conducting any actions with your recordings.

Book Transcription Service

Do you need to transcribe your audio book?

Yes, transcribe my book

Get your book transcription right now

If you need to write a book or report, or whatever else you want to publish or write down but still have no time, just dictate it and welcome to our website, where we bear responsibility for the rest of your work.


What is a book transcription and what is it used for?

Transcribing book is a very helpful option for authors having no good typing skills or simply lacking time. If you want to write a book but cannot devote time to sitting and typing it, record everything even while being on the go and get an audio book with transcribing.

Why do you need to transcribe book?

You might be eager to write a book and note down your ideas but have no time at the moment. In order not to lose and forget all of your ideas while being inspired, you’d better get an audio book transcription. It saves lots of your time.

How does a book transcription service work?

You submit your audio or video file to Transcriberry and get your audio to text transcription as soon as you need it. You pick your time to transcribe a book while placing an order. Everything is easy.

Is it possible to transcribe from a dictation?

Of course, dictation is the easier way to write a book nowadays. Our transcription writer will recognize your speech and deliver top-quality content to you. Modern authors save tons of their time thanks to our book transcription service.

How affordable book transcription services are?

Transcriberry guarantees the best prices in the market. Since transcribing book to word involves working with big volumes of information, we realize that not everyone can afford it. Therefore, our pricing policy is very fair and reasonable. Everyone can enjoy the coziness and good costs.