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Verbatim transcripts are widely used nowadays in different spheres of life, especially such as science, the legal sphere, and market research. You can try to transcribe verbatim free on your own, but it is quite a time-consuming process, and you would need specific equipment and verbatim transcription software to transcribe verbatim.

Therefore, using verbatim transcription services is much more efficient and time-saving.

What is Verbatim transcription?

Verbatim transcriptions are the most widely used types of transcriptions. They provide detailed transcripts, including not only verbal but also non-verbal communication. A verbatim transcription includes utterances, false starts, hesitations, etc.

Transcriberry provides help with such verbatim transcriptions:

  • verbatim medical transcription;
  • intelligent verbatim transcription;
  • clean verbatim transcribing.

Reasons to use verbatim transcription services

Using correct verbatim transcribing is necessary when publishing interviews, for example. You must deliver the speaker’s emotions and mood, so it is crucial to preserve each word or utterance in speech.

Use verbatim transcription for the following purposes:

  • Quoting. Transcribing verbatim is crucial for researchers (students, postgraduates, etc.) when conducting research and needing an exact quotation to avoid plagiarism. Even the smallest words of the speaker can change the meaning of his phrase, so use verbatim transcription services by Transcriberry for proper referencing.
  • Focus and research groups. When conducting market research or analyzing focus groups, you need to notice specific details that might be crucial. Therefore, verbatim transcriptions will help you in this case.
  • Legal sphere. Lawyers, judges, and prosecutors must pay attention to each detail, especially when it comes to serious cases in courts. Only verbatim typing and transcribing may help in this case. It delivers each detail, emotion, mood, reactions of speakers, etc. It is crucial to catch every sound.

Verbatim transcription by Transcriberry

If you need to transcribe clean verbatim, welcome to Transcriberry where we use the latest tools and software for the most accurate, quick, and efficient verbatim transcription.

100% accuracy

Our verbatim transcription service guarantees 100% accuracy. While transcribing verbatim, it is crucial to catch each detail, and this is what we guarantee to the fullest. Our professional human transcribers , in combination with the top software, will deliver the necessary quality of the transcription.

Fast turnaround time

Thanks to our proficiency, experience, and professional software, we do not make you wait long for your transcription. You can get your order promptly and enjoy the quality.

Affordable costs

Our service guarantees the most affordable costs in the market. You can be sure that your transcription will not cost you much while its quality is on the top level.


How is verbatim transcription different from other types?

Verbatim transcription is a detailed transcription that doesn’t only deliver the overall sense and meaning of the speech but includes all utterances and additional words of a speaker, such as “uh,” “oh,” “hmm,” etc. This is the most accurate transcription you may ever have.

What are non-verbatim transcriptions?

Non-verbatim transcriptions mean non-word-for-word transcriptions. They eliminate all unnecessary sounds, utterances and deliver only clean speech transcription without all possible extra sounds. They do not alter the meaning of the speech but simply make it easier to understand.

What is intelligent verbatim transcription?

Intelligent verbatim transcription is widely known as clean verbatim transcription. It is one of the most widely applied verbatim transcriptions because it makes the speech more understandable to the readers. It is supposed to edit fillers and repetitions that might distract you from the main text.

What are true verbatim transcriptions?

This is a full verbatim transcription that does not eliminate any alterations or non-verbal speech from your text. You will get a detailed transcription, including such words as “hmm,” “uh,” etc. This type is mostly used for interviews.

What extra features can you offer?

When using our verbatim transcription services, you can additionally get a speaker identification feature and timestamps. Such details as false starts, hesitations, non-verbal speech, and different sounds are automatically excluded. If you want to include them, mention them when placing your order.