Confidential Board Meeting Transcription Services

Understanding the role of keeping your meetings as accurate as possible, Transcriberry provides its services to a fairly large number of people, from large companies to students. Meeting transcription is often a necessary measure in most situations for a simple reason: very often, at the end of negotiations, some of the important meaning may be lost, which is unacceptable. By using high-quality and professional meeting transcription software , our company has taken it to the next level and offers our customers the best services on the market.

Please note that we offer our clients a zoom meeting transcription service , which is quite popular at this time. Also, be sure that if necessary, we also do skype meeting transcription, which is not so popular now, but no less important. If you have any requests, feel free to contact our team and ask us to transcribe the meeting for all your purposes.

Record Your Meeting And Trust It To Us

So that none of the meeting participants is distracted by the unnecessary process of trying to take notes during the meeting, Transcriberry offers you a simple option that will keep your concentration. Get a professional meeting transcription simply by clicking on the record button. After completing this process, simply transfer the recording to our team and tell us how soon you would like to receive your meeting transcription.

The advantage of our meeting transcription software is that we provide the ability to quickly get a result within a few hours. But also for those who are not in a hurry, there is an opportunity to receive a transcription for a longer time, which, of course, has a better price. For example, if you have a need of transcribing a WebEx meeting , just record the entire process, go to the corresponding page of our website, place an order and wait for the result. We guarantee that you will be delighted with the simplicity and speed of the process.

Pick Your Proper Format

Just imagine that the meeting transcription process is no longer your routine, and you or your company members do not need to sit and transcribe conversations and record them. You can move on to more important matters and just get your meeting transcript with no effort or wasting time. Do you want your company, your work or educational process to be as optimal as possible, and you could do only those tasks that you need?

Our meeting transcription software will be one of the tools to provide such assistance. No matter how many minutes meeting transcription will have, we will find the best format for you in order to meet your needs. And our highly qualified decryptor will create a perfectly accurate document for you, from which you can take all the information you need and will never get confused about which meeting participant took part in the conversation.

Why Do I Have to Choose a Transcriberry?

With the goal of getting a business meeting transcription you must know which company and why you must trust. Our meeting transcription services provide a guarantee to all clients and give the assurance of an excellent result. We take care of your tasks and provide:

  • Safety priority. Transcriberry complies with the international standard on the use of personal data and makes sure that all of them are used solely for their intended purpose.
  • Maximum transcription accuracy. Knowing the importance of having accurate information for the correct organization of the work or educational process. We guarantee you the highest accuracy of your order execution and verification.
  • We monitor the lead time of your order. Each transcription will be performed as quickly and efficiently as possible at the same time.
  • The cost of transcribing a meeting is staying loyal. We give you the opportunity to control the price by choosing the services that are right for you.
  • Absolute support. If necessary, we will work together to refine the details to achieve the perfect result. Our teams are always open to joint cooperation!

As you can see, our meeting transcription services are designed to be as focused as possible on your outcome. We make sure that all the standards for perfect services are met, and we guarantee you great final work.


You can always call or write to us if you have additional questions while you read about the process of creating a meeting transcription. In order not to waste your time, below, we have answered the standard questions about meeting transcript services that our clients are most often interested in.

Why do you need a meeting transcription services?

Meeting transcription is needed for your ability to work on important tasks without being distracted by secondary ones. You do not have to do the transcribing meeting notes yourself when our professional service exists.

Will background noises prevent transcriptions from being generated?

Our team has only professionals for whom this will not be a problem when creating a meeting transcription. Choose the service you want and wait for your high-quality board meeting transcriptions

How fast you will transcribe a meeting?

You can get your meeting transcription from a couple of hours to 14 days. Select the option you need when placing your order.

What is the price formation based on?

The price always depends on how many transcribing meeting minutes your order will have and how quickly you want to get the result. Use our calculator to find out exactly your price.

What benefits can I have if ordering your meeting transcription?

Our team of meeting transcribe service will ensure that all of the above guarantees are met. By using the meeting transcription services of our company, you provide yourself with a concentration on other important tasks without being distracted by preserving the essence of each meeting.