video to text transcription service

Video transcription services are pretty popular among students and other educators, bloggers, podcasters, journalists, researchers, and other people these days. Modern life is full of various opportunities, and it would be a stupid mistake not to use them when you want to make your regular or work life easier. Services that provide video to text transcription have become especially in demand during a pandemic. You surely attend a lot of webinars, online lectures, and different events via Zoom, Skype, and other tools. So, instead of taking notes from speakers, you can just use your smartphone or other devices to record the event. And Transcriberry will help you with transcribing videos.

Start With the Definition: What is Video Transcription?

So, let’s start with the basics, i.e., the definition. What does “transcription of video” mean? It is a process of taking the audio from your video and processing it into text. Once you have ordered a video transcription service, you receive the file with the content that you can read instead of listening. Video to text transcription can consist of different formats, e.g.:

  • lectures;
  • movies;
  • TV shows;
  • webinars;
  • webcasts;
  • clips;
  • eLearning materials;
  • online streaming, etc.

Transcriberry works with different individuals and businesses who request video transcription for different purposes. They study and teach, host their blogs and webcasts. Whatever your need is, we are always here for you.

Why Is Video Transcription Necessary?

Now that you know that there are a lot of people who ask for video-to-text services, you may wonder: why do they need it? Why can’t they work with the original material? How will you personally benefit from video transcription services? We have answers for you!

It is a no-brainer that modern people consume a lot of video on a daily basis; it is very important for producers to ensure that their content can reach as many consumers as possible. If you consider your target audience well, you can get a perfect return on investment. For example, by creating a video transcription, you take care of people with hearing impairment or people who just learn your language. That’s why our video transcription service is pretty popular among companies who work through their content marketing strategies.

The second category of people that order video to text transcription are educators. Students, teachers, professors, tutors, etc., deal with an enormous amount of video content, and it is not always convenient to digest it. Video transcription is able to make your studies much easier and save a lot of your time.

How You Can Benefit From Transcriberry’s Video Transcription?

There are really many companies that transcribe video to text. However, it doesn’t mean that they are reliable enough. When it comes to business, different organizations have different goals. At Transcriberry, we transcribe text from video to help you. We save your time, but it is not the only benefit that you get.

Video-to-Text Transcription Service

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Convert Video Online and Make Your Content More Accessible With Video Transcription

If you create different types of video content and want to make your audience wider, hire a video transcription service to develop a text file for hearing-impaired viewers. However, even people without disabilities often prefer to watch a video after reading its transcript. It makes it easy to understand new information and to increase the knowledge base.

Video to Text Transcription Helps English Second Language Speakers

Transcriberry video transcript service can also help if you want to reach an audience from different countries. ESL speakers may have some difficulties with understanding the video, and they will really appreciate it if you provide them with a video to transcript opportunity. If you’re an ESL student studying at a US, UK, Canadian, etc., college, you also shouldn’t miss this chance to make your lectures more understandable.

Help New People Find You With Our Video Transcript Service

Bloggers, podcasters, webcasters, and other content makers transcribe video to text since they want to promote their content. Search engine algorithms crawl and index your data so that you can stand out among your competitors with fewer hurdles.

Create Content From Video to Text Transcription

Looking for new ways to create derivative content? We have an answer for you! By transcribing video to text, you can add new articles, newsletters, ebooks, etc. You receive a lot of opportunities when transcribing video, so leverage them and get the most out of them!

Encourages Viewing In Any Environment

Without any doubt, when you transcribe video to text online, you get the perfect chance to go back to the original video later on. It makes it easier to copy and use some parts of content, to consume less connection, download less data, etc. You can just print a transcript and have a copy at hand.

Video to Text Transcription: Open the World of New Opportunities Right Now

Transcriberry video transcription service is always by your side. Whenever you need our assistance, you can just send us your “transcribe my video” request. The overall process consists of several simple steps:

  1. Register on our video-to-text transcription website and upload your files. Don’t worry, and we have a secured server. Indicate deadline and choose video transcription service details.
  2. We’ll assign you an experienced video transcriber who will work with your files. No machines; you can always be sure that real people transcribe a video for you. Once it is ready, we quality check all files to ensure they meet your instructions.
  3. As soon as your video-to-text transcription is ready, you’ll receive the notification. Proceed to the payment stage and download your video transcription online.

That’s it! Transcriberry video transcription services don’t require your time and effort. Just rely on our experts, and we’ll transcribe video to text to make you happy with the final result!