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We gathered a team of expert human transcribers who are going to convert your audio or video files into text and present them in a format you require. Each project passes many stages of quality control. We guarantee the top accuracy.


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Video Transcription Services by Professional Transcribers

Video transcription has numerous advantages for any sphere. Video transcription online helps enhance the SEO if we turn to professional human transcription service. It means that now users can find your content more easily. For any educational or entertaining video content, the human-generated transcripts help understand your message better. Your potential audience will also be able to navigate video to text transcription more easily by stamping the time.

The users will find what they need right away without wasting time. The content transcribed is better to comprehend for users. Video transcription services make your content more suitable for quiet environments. Online transcribers also provide translation services. Talented international transcriptionists will accurately translate your content into many languages. It will make your content available for a much wider audience.

Audio Transcription Services by Native Transcriptionists

Audio files are widely used in all the spheres. People record meetings, listen to podcasts, webinars, or lectures. Human-generated transcripts of your audio files will bring many advantages. Converting audio to text makes your audience wider and improves the SEO without extra advertising. Your transcript of audio content will be scanned for keywords. Using audio transcription services will make your content sharing easier. These are all advantages of a professional human transcription service. Professional transcriptionists can deal with converting audio to text even if it has not the highest quality.

Human Transcription Services for All Spheres

Any industry wants to make content more user-friendly. Certified transcriptionists deal with audio or video transcription in any sphere.

Academic transcription service

Online education has completely changed the game. People want to study online because it is convenient. But to make it even more effective, audio or video transcription services will convert your lectures, webinars, or podcasts into text. Professional transcriptionists will handle any complicated topic filled with terms. We hire the best transcribers only. Therefore, we are confident in our quality. We also offer professional transcription online services for:
Save on transcript services for your studies

Marketing transcription service

Any audio or video content that promotes your product or service should be comprehensible for users. To make it even more engaging, human transcription services can make perfect subtitles to your video or convert your interview, podcast into text. It will certainly draw more attention from your target customers.
Save on transcript services for your marketing

Media transcriptions service

Make your users even more interested in your content. Maybe, they won't’ be able to listen to the whole podcast or watch the whole interview attentively. Video and audio transcription online will keep them engaged for a longer time. They will skip the unnecessary information. Human transcript service can significantly enhance the user experience.
Save on transcript services for your media

Business transcription service

Listening or watching videos or audio recordings from business events may be time-consuming. To make it easier for your partners, employees, or customers, turn to human transcript service. People will find what they are interested in. It especially pertains to meeting and interview recordings. Optimize the time people spend on your content and present them with the best version of it.
Save on transcript services for your business

Other types of transcription services

Our online transcribers can also convert your lyrics, voice mails, or religious sermons into a text. But make sure your content has decent quality for it. Find the instruction in our FAQ below.
Save on transcript services for any purpose

Frequently asked questions

What about quality assurance?

The transcription experts Transcriberry hires realize the significance of being accurate while transcribing. Our goal is to be 99% accurate. We aim to stay close to this percentage even while dealing with complex transcriptions.
We created an elaborate system of quality assurance. Our employees pass numerous checks and reviews. We hire those who have more than 5-year experience in the transcribing sphere.

Is my personal data secure?

The privacy of our customers is our priority. You may easily remove any data connected with your transcriptions after we complete them. All our staff signs a Confidentiality Agreement.

Where are your professional transcriptionists located?

Most of them are located in the UK and the USA. We hire native English speakers only.

How to determine whether my audio file has the low quality for online transcription

To find out whether your content is low-quality for audio transcription services, check out the following points:
  • Many people talking at the same time;
  • Interruptions;
  • Noise in the background;
  • The quality of your microphone and whether it is close enough to the speaker.
If your content has perfect quality, you can transcribe your audio with our automated software if it has some of these issues, better to use a human transcription.

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  • AMR
  • AVI
  • CAF
  • DSS
  • DVD
  • DVF
  • M4A
  • MOV
  • MP2
  • MP3
  • MP4
  • MSV
  • Quicktime
  • WAV
  • Webex
  • WMA
  • WMV