Dictation Transcription Service That You Will Surely Fall in Love With

Some people believe that the popularity of dictation transcription services is not as great as it could be. Well, we can tell you for sure: it is an erroneous point of view. A lot of companies, individuals, students, etc., order dictation to text from Transcriberry when they understand how this service can boost their performance. More and more professionals are discovering that dictation services online are a pretty appealing opportunity.

But what do we mean when it goes about dictation transcription services? Dictation is the process of speaking to another person or into your recording device. It is helpful when you don’t have enough time to make notes, e.g., in hospitals when doctors deal with dozens of patients daily. Dictation can also be applied in other industries. Students dictate ideas for their future essays, business people record meetings , and so on.

And when it comes to transcription, you have to listen to your record, again and again, writing down all the words. If you’ve already tried this, you know how time-consuming and boring this process is. That’s why you should outsource it to Transcriberry. Our dictation transcription services online will save you time, money, and energy.

In What Industries Do Our Dictation Service Experts Work In?

Actually, dictation transcription services are in great demand regardless of the specific industries. If you work with data, any type of documents, or content, you’ll surely appreciate our help. Our customers need:

Whether you work with court cases, patient reports, multi-speaker interviews, notes, ethnography studies, focus groups, etc., we are ready to help you. Take into account that even the smartest machines can’t perform tasks that humans can. Our experts always properly differentiate between all the records, terms, jokes, etc. Even if they are said at a rapid pace, we’ll provide you with a high-quality speech-to-text transcription.

What should you know about human transcription vs speech recognition technologies

As we have already mentioned that human dictation services online are better for your goals, we believe that you need more arguments to make this choice.

Real people, experts in dictation transcription services are way more efficient at understanding the speakers from your record. We always take the context into account and do our best to convey the original message. We ensure that Transcriberry documents are well-structured, logical, and informative.

When you outsource this task to dictation transcription software, you can’t expect it to be that smart. Yes, AI tools are able to recognize your speech, but only if you dictate absolutely accurately. It goes without saying that you (or other speakers) shouldn’t have an accent, and your enunciation must be perfect. So, even if your record is amazing, an automated dictation speech to text service can’t guarantee you 100% accuracy. It means that if you work with important documents, you can’t take risks. Order reliable dictation transcription services online from Transcriberry, and you’ll receive the result that you need.

Transcriberry’s benefits that you will appreciate

You should know that Transcriberry is an absolutely customer-focused company. We are always involved in your story and business goals; we try to understand what results you need and how we can achieve it at minimum time and cost. So, ordering dictation and transcription from us, you get a list of benefits that you will surely appreciate.

Outstanding accuracy

Our voice dictation transcription monitoring standards help in delivering high-quality documents. First of all, we hire only real professionals who know their onions. We also proofread the transcripts to ensure they are flawless. Our quality is backed with a money-back guarantee.

Fast turnaround

Even if your deadlines are looming, we are transcribing dictations very fast. We value your time, and you’ll receive the final result exactly when you need it. When you work with Transcriberry, you can always rely on us.

Easy dictation to text ordering process

You don’t have to go through some obstacles when you want to place an order from Transcriberry. Just upload your file, add requirements, and process to the payment stage. We work 24/7, so if you have some questions, suggestions, comments, etc., you can contact us even in the wee hours.


How can a dictation transcription service help me?

Regardless of your professional interests, dictation transcription services can make your life easier. For example, Transcriberry can guarantee you the essential accuracy when it comes to court cases and legal documents. Doctors appreciate this option because they make notes with each new patient, and they just need more time to focus on their direct duties. This works for any other spheres as well.

How do you process a dictation for me?

Once we receive your dictation transcription service request, we explore your requirements and assign you an appropriate expert. Provide us with the original audio file, clear instructions, and deadline. The more information we have, the better result you receive.

Can I be sure that my transcription is secure?

Your confidentiality is our priority. That’s why we take all necessary measures to guarantee it. For example, all of Transcriberry’s employees sign a Confidentiality Agreement. We also can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you. If you want to delete your materials or personal information from our database, just request it.

Which file formats do you work with?

We work with all common audio and video formats. You receive your voice to text transcription in the Microsoft Word document. If necessary, we can convert it into PDF or any other format. However, you should provide us with your instructions in advance so that we can take them into account.

Can I order transcription services in other languages?

Of course, we can. The world goes global today, and you have to keep abreast if you want to stand out among your competitors. Whether you need a dictation system transcription in English, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Russian, Italian, Mandarin, or any other language, we’ll assign you the experts who know how to meet your requirements.

How much do dictation services online cost?

The final price depends on several factors. You can order dictation transcription service at 25¢ per minute or at $1.25 per minute. What can affect the cost? First of all, the type of transcription services that you choose - automated or human transcription service . Your deadline, the audio\video quality, and additional requirements also matter.