linguistic transcription service

If you want to take your work with content to the next level, it is time to choose the best transcription linguistics services from Transcriberry. Our experts have higher education, perfect command of the language, and, most importantly, highly trained ears. We also use professional linguistic transcription software to deal with records of any volume quality.

Working with us, you’ll receive the most accurate transcription as well as friendly service that is tailored to meet your needs. Let us provide you with more information about Transcriberry’s values and answer questions to reveal all your doubts!

What Should You Know About Linguistic Transcription?

A transcription linguistics is the conversion of an audio or video record related to linguistics into a written document. It can be an interview, vlog, lecture, webinar, conference, or any other content. When you have your linguistic IPA transcription ready, it is easy to edit the document and share it. You can index it so that more people find out about you.

Professional transcribers can save your time and effort because they do things that regular people don’t like. They can carefully listen to your record and accurately transcribe the spoken message into bold linguistic transcription. However, it is not the only format that you can get when working with Transcriberry.

Verbatim services

This format means that your document will comprise every sound of a dictation. This includes linguistic transcription symbols as well as filler words like “uh,” “er,” “um,” and others. Your document will also include pauses, throat clearing sounds, moments of laughter, and any other mess mage in the dialogue process. Usually, we use AI linguistic transcription software to come up with a verbatim document.

Intelligent services

When you ask us to provide you with intelligent linguistic transcription, it means that you want us to omit sounds, filler words, and other kinds of noise that don’t help to convey the main message. When it comes to this type, it is impossible to work with linguistic transcription software only; we need a human approach to edit the final product, correct mistakes, and proofread the draft.

Edited services

Transcriberry provides edited transcription when our customers are going to publish or translate the document. These papers receive edits that are necessary to make the content readable, hooking, informative, etc. When it comes to translations, sentences can be restructured. It is also possible to change the content according to some culture or business specifics.

Linguistic Transcription Service

Do you need to transcribe your linguistic files?

Yes, transcribe my linguistic files

What languages can you transcribe for me?

When you order AYM linguistic transcription from Transcriberry, you can expect that we will provide you with high-quality human transcription services regardless of your requirements. Our team of professionals and AI linguistic transcription software work with different languages, including:

  • English;
  • German;
  • French;
  • Spanish;
  • Chinese;
  • Dutch;
  • Arabic;
  • Russian;
  • Korean;
  • Japanese;
  • Portuguese;
  • Hebrew;
  • Farsi;
  • Tagalog, etc.

So, if you need an English transcription servic e, you’ll get it. If your record is in Spanish, Korean, or Russian, we’ll nail it for you. Expand your borders and make your business or research global with our help. It is also a good idea to create accessible content that will be available for a bigger audience. You don’t have to limit yourself; go big!

We do our best to meet your needs

Transcriberry was created to provide people with outstanding linguistic transcription services. Whether you’re a business person, researcher, journalist, academic, blogger, podcaster, or student, we know that a linguistic transcription system may look like something challenging for you. Whatever types of content you work with, you don’t have to pull an all-nighter with your records anymore. We have a team of outstanding experts who know how to transcribe linguistics as well as they know how to make you happy with our service. We also use top-notch linguistic transcription software to provide you with automated transcripts that can be edited according to your requirements.

So, if you want to save your time and effort, if you have important projects to focus on, and if you are looking for a win-win solution, we can provide you with the A-level linguistic transcription services right now. Place your order, and let Transcriberry exceed your highest expectations!


Is your linguistic transcription certified?

Yes, our transcription services are certified, which means that we implemented high standards of quality. Your documents will be revised by 2 professional linguists to provide you with an accuracy guarantee. Pay attention that Transcriberry is responsible for the quality of the transcription, but we have nothing to do with the information in the text version of your record.

What transcription format will you provide me with?

Once your paper is ready, we’ll deliver it via your email. We always work with documents in Microsoft Word format since it is easy to use and accessible. If you need us to provide your paper in other formats, e.g., PDF, just let us know. Please give this information in advance because it can affect the final cost and other aspects of our collaboration.

Can I order a verbatim transcript from Transcriberry?

We can provide you with all the types of transcription since we use modern linguistic transcription software. Our standard documents are free from ums, uhs, and other useless sounds. If you have some additional requirements, provide them in advance so that we know what your expectations are. If you need a verbatim news linguistic transcription, you’ll get it.

Wil Transcriberry sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

We want you to know that your confidentiality is our high priority. We always keep customer information safe, and it can’t be shared with third parties for no reason. If you need additional documents like NDA, we will be happy to sign your document or to supply one for you.

How do you use my data after you’ve completed my order?

After your project is completed, it is saved on our server (which is absolutely secure) for 3 months. During this period, you can request digital copies of your material or apply for some revisions. After 90 days, all of your files will be deleted automatically. If you want us to delete your materials sooner, or have some additional ideas for this policy, feel free to contact us.