Interview Transcription Services That Will Take Your Business to the Next Level

Regardless of your field, we bet that interviews are very important for what you do. They help you to hire new people for your team, to gather data, to learn new information, etc. Researchers, journalists, and academics deal with interviews on a regular basis. Of course, this activity comes with a lot of challenges, and there is a good tool that will help you to overcome them. A high-quality interview transcription that you can return to time and again can boost your productivity and bring you amazing results.

Transcriberry is a professional interview transcription company that works with plenty of companies and individuals. And if you’re on the fence about whether you should try transcribing interviews, we are ready to show you how exactly you will benefit from these services. Read on, and you’ll find answers to your questions.

How can Interview Transcription Make Your Life Better?

If you’ve never worked with a transcription of an interview before, you’ll surely appreciate:

The opportunity to catch all the details.

People order interview transcription services when they feel tired from questions like “Wait, what did that speaker say?” or “Back up. Was that Person A or Person B?” How many times have you listened to your records and had to rewind after missing a couple of phrases? Now you can forget about such inefficient strategies. Our transcribe interview service absolutely eliminates the need to replay records and track the speakers.

The chance to focus on your work

We know that you have a lot of assignments that should be completed by a certain time. An interview transcription spans hours. It is a grueling and exhausting task, and it means that you should be absolutely concentrated on it. By utilizing our interview transcriber, you can focus on your business or research, the projects that really matter.

An option to make your content widely accessible

If you’re working with records alone, that’s one thing. But what if you face the need to share your research with someone else? For example, you may need your professor to review your work. Or you may want to write an article with direct quotes. Well, transcribe interview and processes with a document that is easy to edit, rewrite, use for marketing purposes, and so on.

Why Choose Transcriberry For Interview Transcription?

Your goals are our business — and that’s what makes us different from other companies. Transcriberry is a customer-focused company that is always ready to provide you with a high-quality interview transcription online. We keep our interview transcription services strictly in-house, which helps us to ensure your guarantees. Placing an order on our website, you can expect a fast turnaround, an amazing level of accuracy, friendly prices, and constant support. All of our subscribers are native English speakers with higher education and solid professional expertise. They know how to transcribe interviews so that you’re absolutely happy with the final result. We also use cutting-edge AI technologies.

What should I choose for my transcription: automatic or manual services?

Actually, it is impossible to say that there is only one winning strategy. Both of them are good enough, but it depends on your goals, deadlines, budget, and other aspects.

If you just want to receive a basic text version of your record, you can use interview transcription software that will provide you with an automatic service. Though AI is very smart, your paper may contain some mistakes, inaccuracies, etc. The good news is that it can do it very fast.

When people are transcribing interviews, they pay more attention to details, such as voice tone, number of speakers and their names, different accents and dialects, etc. So, if you need to transcribe an interview that will be just perfect, Transcriberry is ready to provide you with manual transcribing option. It will take some time, but the wait is worth it.

Three easy steps to get a flawless interview transcription

Now that you know how transcribing interviews can boost your performance don’t miss a chance to try this service!

  1. Decide on your requirements and upload the file.
  2. Provide us with all the instructions and submit your order.
  3. Receive the ready document on time.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? Transcriberry’s team does its best to save you time and energy! Place your order right now, and enjoy our interview transcription services!


How can I know that you will keep my information confidential?

We provide all of our interview transcription services’ customers with a confidentiality guarantee. Our managers never share your personal data, files, or transcripts with third parties. Your collaboration with us is absolutely anonymous, so that you shouldn’t worry about security or plagiarism issues.

Do you offer human or automatic transcription services?

We have both options because Transcriberry works with customers who have different projects and goals. You can rely on our interview transcription software if you need a fast and cheap solution. Or let us assign you the best transcriber who will explore your requirements and customize the document according to your needs.

Do you work with MP4/MP3/Zoom/Teams formats?

We do indeed! We work with all the popular formats, so you can order a transcription interview with fewer hurdles. Just upload your file, provide us with all the details, and receive the perfect result exactly when you need it.

Can you provide me with the samples of your transcription?

We can’t show you the real interview transcript samples because we value our customer’s privacy. However, you can take a look at some examples that were prepared to see how your paper will look like. An interview transcription example will show you how important it is to have the text version of your record at hand.

My deadline is very urgent. Can you help me?

Sure! You can use our interview transcription services even if your deadline is in several hours. Of course, it depends on the record’s size as well as on the method that you choose. For example, if your video lasts 5 hours, and you need a human interview transcript, it is impossible to finish it in 2 hours. However, we can use interview transcription software and proofread it to provide you with a final document as soon as possible.