FAQ – answers to the most popular questions

General Information

What languages does Transcriberry work with?

We provide transcription services in the English language mostly. But we can add subtitles to your video in over 30 languages. We hire experienced translators who deal with complicated topics in different industries. If you are interested in transcribing your content in a certain foreign language, please contact us.

Can I transcribe content like lyrics or ads at Transcriberry?

Usually, we don’t offer such services for our customers. If you want us to transcribe such special content, please contact us. Song lyrics are difficult content for transcribing. Some of them can be considered difficult audios. Transcribing them requires more time than for a usual order.

Does Transcriberry provide on-screen content subscriptions for videos?

We can provide such services if needed, but we don’t make changes on the video. Our writers can transcribe or translate the on-video content, but we don’t provide video-editing services. If you need to add the transcribed content on video, you have to do it individually.

Do you offer sermon transcription?

Yes, we transcribe sermons, Bible studies, religious classes, and a lot of other content connected with religion. Our specialists have years of experience transcribing sermons. If you want more info concerning sermon transcriptions, get in touch with us.

Does Transcriberry transcribe focus groups?

Yes, we can deal with focus groups of any size and kind. We utilize our special methodology for such groups. We track every speaker and mark each moderator and speaker. One more point to consider is the style. Verbatim style transcribes all the speech elements. The semi-verbatim style is more reader-friendly.

Can you transcribe content from market research?

We have years of experience in transcribing various market researches. If there are many people involved in the audio or video content, we utilize our group approach. We label all the participants, no matter if they are moderators or speakers. Such a technique makes the turnaround even faster. Also, define whether you require verbatim or semi-verbatim for your order.

Can you transcribe videos on YouTube?

Yes, sure. You just need to add the URL of the video to be transcribed, and we will handle it. We will download the desired content and convert it into MP3. We also provide making subtitles or captioning for such videos. Apart from YouTube, we transcribe videos from many other platforms. Just send us a link.

How can I get transcription help at Transcriberry?

Placing an order takes a few minutes. All you need to do is:
  • Upload your content;
  • Add the specific order requirements;
  • See the calculated price (we charge our customers per minute);
  • Click on the “Order” button;
  • Pay for our online transcription services via the most suitable option.

Are you hiring transcribers? What are the other job opportunities in your company?

Yes, we are always searching for skilled freelance employees. We are hiring transcribers, editors, and even quality assurance specialists. We are looking for native English-speakers who have at least 5-year experience in transcriptions. Contact us to pass the test and start your career in our company.

Subtitles, Captions, Timestamps

Are subtitles, timestamps, and captions different?

Timestamps match with the text in the audio by inserting the timecodes. Timecodes are usually connected with the change of person speaking or finishing the paragraph. Captions are for viewers who can’t hear the content. They are more detailed and include many non-verbal aspects. Subtitles are used for those who can hear the audio but don’t understand it completely. Mostly, subtitles are made for those who don’t speak the language in the video or audio.

How do you make your subtitles and captions?

We get acquainted with the content and mark the speakers if it is possible. Depending on whether they are captions or subtitles, we add non-verbal elements and murmurs. Then, we review the content and set the subtitles according to the screen time.

What caption formats do you provide?

We provide all the standard formats for captions, including:
  • SRT;
  • DFXP;
  • TTML;
  • SCC;
  • ASS.
We also provide open captions that are always turned on. You can always watch a video with them. For closed subtitles, you may edit them.

How to synchronize subtitles and captions to the video?

We set the timecodes that divide the content into several parts. As usual, they are set when the speakers change or at the end of the paragraph. After that, we place the subtitles or captions according to the screen time.

Files, Formats

What file formats are acceptable by the Transcriberry?

We accept the main video and audio formats - the links to videos on major platforms like YouTube. Just contact us, and we will notify you if your format is not supported. We will give you instructions on converting the files into an acceptable format.

In what format are my files delivered?

We usually present the ready transcripts in the MS Office format. But according to the customers’ request, we are ready to deliver the content to them in any format. If you order open captions, the video with them will be presented in any required format.

How to convert WAV files to MP3?

Numerous websites convert files online for free. Select the WAV and MP3 formats. And press the “Convert” button to confirm the conversion. If you need more instructions, just contact us.

Can I add a transcript draft or a wordlist to my content?

Yes, you are free to attach any necessary documents to your order. The vocabulary list will be useful, especially if the content includes specific terminology. It will all help our specialists deal with your order even faster.

Prices and deadlines

What are the guarantees of using your service?

We guarantee 99% percent accuracy for our human transcription services. We assign two transcriptionists to each order to get the best results. Each project passes numerous reviews by our editors and quality assurance specialists. We also try to present the top quality not only in human transcription. Our automated transcription service also has numerous reviews and automated corrections of the main mistakes. We constantly enhance the quality of the automated services delivered.

What affects turnaround?

The content quality impacts the turnaround most. High-quality audios take less time to be transcribed. Speakers with various accents, sounds in the background, and highly unclear or tech content require more time than high-quality audio.
Another criterion is the content length. Long files require more time. If you have content that is shorter than one hour, we can deal with it within one day. For longer files, we require 36 hours or more.

How can I pay for my order?

Transcriberry offers numerous ways for purchasing a transcription from our company. You can pay with your credit card or by PayPal. All your sensitive payment info is secure. We don’t keep it and transfer it directly to the bank.

How can I get a refund?

If you decide to cancel an order, we are going to issue a refund. Instead, we can give you a copy of the already transcribed part. However, the refund may be unavailable for difficult audios because our expenses may outweigh your order cost.

Upgrades and Additional Services

Do you offer verbatim transcription?

As a rule, our transcriptions are non-verbatim. We never sum up, replace or involve the words that were not said. However, we change the transcript to enhance the readability. We don’t involve shutters and false starts. The only exceptions are direct quotes.
If you ask for a verbatim transcript, we will involve everything that is spoken. We also involve all non-verbal elements and even sound in the background. You make ask for the specific level of verbatim by giving us special directions.

What are the lowest requirements for audio quality?

Audio quality influences the transcript quality. We require audio content with at least a 44.1 kHz sample. It needs to have appropriate volume, little noise in the background. We may stop working on your text if your file quality is too poor. In this case, we will notify you right away. We also don’t provide services for enhancing the audio quality.

How many speakers are too many for transcription?

We can deal with transcripts with any participant number. If it is possible, we label each speaker. But the more people are speaking, and the higher is the probability of incorrect labels. When it is impossible to track the person according to the voice, we label the participants according to their gender “Male Speaker” or “Female speaker”.

What does difficult audio quality mean?

Difficult audio is the audio not so easy to transcribe. Here are the criteria that make this audio difficult:
  • Background or foreground sounds;
  • Participants who interrupt each other;
  • Numerous speakers;
  • The use of specific terms (related to technology, law, science, or medicine);
  • Indistinct or quiet recordings;
  • Fast speed;
  • Different accents and dialects.
This is not a full list, but it covers most criteria. The more these things are involved, the more difficult your audio is considered. If the quality doesn’t enable transcribing your audio, we will inform you and refund your costs. We won’t refund the full order cost, and we will refund minus our expenses.

Can I change the deadline or make changes after placing an order?

Yes, you are free to ask us for a faster turnaround or order upgrade. If your order is already in process, we will notify the assigned transcriptionists immediately. Transcriberry tries to meet the highest customer demands.

Confidentiality and Security

How do you keep your customer data safe?

Transcriberry provides top-notch secure protocols for software and transmissions. Any interaction between your device and system is safe and protected by our File Encryption security systems. We cooperate with numerous governmental agencies. Transcriberry maintains the highest safety standards.

Do you sign a non-disclosure agreement if the customer demands it?

We have a strict policy concerning customer confidentiality. If you want additional security measures like NDA, we are ready to meet your requirements. We will sign extra documentation like NDA and provide one for you. Get in touch with us if you need an NDA.

What are the measures of my file protection?

Nobody can search for your transcripts on the Internet. Any authorized access to them is prohibited. You can also remove the transcribed files permanently after downloading them on your device. They will also be deleted from your transcribers’ database. All our employees sign an agreement with our privacy policy. Our TLS 1.2 encryption can’t be broken by any computer.

What are the tools for customer payment info protection?

We don’t keep any card data records of our customers. We transfer it directly to the bank. Most transactions are managed by PayPal. They are secure according to its confidentiality policy.

Where can I get more info concerning your security and privacy policy?

For more detailed info about Transcriberry, check out our Security and Privacy page. If you have any questions or suggestions concerning our security and confidentiality, please contact us. We will answer any of them via email.

Other Transcription Service Questions You May Have

File Types We Transcribe
  • AMR
  • AVI
  • CAF
  • DSS
  • DVD
  • DVF
  • M4A
  • MOV
  • MP2
  • MP3
  • MP4
  • MSV
  • Quicktime
  • WAV
  • Webex
  • WMA
  • WMV
  • AMR
  • AVI
  • CAF
  • DSS
  • DVD
  • DVF
  • M4A
  • MOV
  • MP2
  • MP3
  • MP4
  • MSV
  • Quicktime
  • WAV
  • Webex
  • WMA
  • WMV