Is there any software to convert audio to text?

There are many situations in life when you might need to turn an audio file into text — for example, lectures, speeches, podcasts, or interviews. Thousands of people from all corners of the world are in search of audio to text software. They don’t have the time and energy to master manual transcription. Just imagine: you need a foot pedal, headphones, a calm environment, fast-typing skills, and a bunch of other issues.

It is much easier to find a reliable audio transcription software that will solve all the problems in a blink of an eye. And one of such platforms is We are happy to offer the last-generation software to convert audio file to text and a team of professionals who help you at every stage of the process. They can either do everything on their own or update you on the progress and explain how audio to text converter software works.

Remember that the best audio recording to text software makes it very easy to convert any sound into text and can be used both on desktop and mobile. Just think of it! You can use digital recorders with transcription software during a business meeting or in class. And all that is needed is a smartphone or tablet.

If you want to learn how convert audio to text software and where you can order such services, continue reading. We will tell you everything about the process and give a few valuable tips for using a convert audio file to text software.

How do I convert voice recording to text?

Let’s say you have attended a lecture or an interview and have many hours of a voice recording. It is difficult to find the necessary information because you should scroll and pause the recording over and over again. To simplify the process and have the necessary information nearby, you should use audio to text software.

If you don’t want to do the transcription voice to text manually (which is extremely exhausting), you should use our audio transcription software service. Here is how it works.

Upload the file into our system

You can insert the link as well – our free transcription software is secure, so you won’t have to worry about losing sensitive data. You can upload recorded calls, lectures, podcasts, and other files that can be recorded and listened to with one of the players. But let us remind you that when you convert audio to text software free download can be dangerous because no one gives you a quality guarantee. It is better to use our paid service with a bunch of advantages.

We provide a wide range of other services. For example,transcribing videos , converting into different formats, and so on. Plus, you can choose either automatic or human transcription. The first is cheaper and quicker but less accurate. When selecting human transcription, you get a perfect file with all information in place.

Another advantage of our voice transcription software is fast completion. We transcribe an average one-hour file within one day. And if you choose automatic transcription , the result can be downloaded in a matter of minutes!

Choose customization features

Once you have uploaded the file to our voice transcription software and decided what type of transcription you need, there is a chance to select custom options. For example, premium transcriptionists, faster completion, and so on. But remember that they impact the final price.

Receive the file and download it

When the voice transcription is completed, we send you a notification. Read it attentively and make sure that everything is correct. Then, download the file and confirm that the order is completed. Our team of editors is always happy to make your file better. And, by the way, this feature is never available if you choose to transcribe audio to text software free download. Free services always lack a personalized approach and quality, but it is only up to you to decide.

How do I transcribe audio to text?

If you are not ready to use a voice recording transcription app and want to do everything on your own, make sure to have plenty of time and energy. Manual digital voice recorder transcription is rather complex, especially if you have never done it before. Transcriberry specialists are ready to share a few tips that may help :

  • Get ready. If you decide not to use the voice to text transcription software, pay much attention to the environment. It should be calm and not distracting. If there is someone else around, ask them not to disturb you. Make sure that the chair and table are comfortable because you will spend lots of time sitting in one position. Prepare all the necessary equipment – laptop, pen, notebook, headphones, and so on. Don’t forget about water and snacks.
  • Find the shorthand. There might be a list of abbreviations and common words that are used in the text. Make a list beforehand, so you won’t have to get distracted in the process.
  • Write down what you hear without thinking too much about the spelling and pronunciation. If you have a foot pedal, use it. With its help, it is much easier to pause and play the recording without using your hands. In our experience, a foot pedal is a great investment. Of course, if you are doing audio to text transcription quite often.
  • Make breaks. The transcribing process is very time-consuming, and you shouldn’t try to do everything in one sit. It is better to make 5-10 minute breaks every hour, do some exercises or short walks. This will help you to remain focused.
  • Edit. At this stage, voice recognition transcription software does all the job, but if you are working manually, be ready to proofread and edit. Read the text and fix all the mistakes, including spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Break the draft into paragraphs and sections if there are dialogues, mention who is speaking.
  • Export the file. Finally, you can choose the format and export the file using one of the numerous tools online.

If you follow the steps above, you might get audio transcription software free (minus expenditures on headphones and foot pedals). But don’t forget that you will spend lots of time instead of using it for something you really enjoy.

How do I automatically transcribe audio to text for free?

Some of you have heard of free transcription software, and it sounds rather attractive, right? Why should I pay someone for a voice transcription if there is a chance to do it for free?

Yes, there is converting audio to text free software on the Internet, and there are even people who use it. But let us warn you that such programs and websites are very dangerous. First of all, they don’t give you the correct transcription audio to text. The file will contain numerous mistakes, and you’ll spend hours or even days fixing them. Secondly, the free voice transcribing software might steal and use your personal information and address for dark activities. There are lots of scammers on the Internet, and you are not protected with a Privacy Policy and other guarantees., on the other hand, provides the necessary guarantees and protects your files, identity, and messages. For a small fee, you get perfect audio to text transcription service and can be sure that no one is going to harm you.

Is there software that can transcribe audio to text?

If you decide to transcribe audio file to text software, get ready for numerous advantages and perks. Here are some of them:

  • Both machine and manual translation. It is up to you to decide whether to use the audio file to text software or entrust the process to professionals.
  • No limits on uploads
  • Lots of file formats
  • Security and confidentiality. Your personal and payment information is in good hands.
  • The best transcriptionists on the market: native speakers and degree-holders
  • Affordable prices starting from 25 cents!

Contact and get a transcription voice to text of the highest quality. Let us simplify your life and show that transcription can be easy, fun, and convenient!