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Phone calls, conference calls were always extremely important in the course of doing business and other things. During pandemic times, these ways of communication have become extremely important. In most cases, different calls may help in arranging the negotiation process and reach desired results.

But, what if you have conducted lots of negotiations and calls, see zero possibilities for success but remember that during some of the conversations, you talked about valuable details? What if you have a problematic issue with your customer or supplier? What if you have spent a lot of time attempting to start new business or partner relations with suppliers without any effect? Transcribing recordings of all conversations you had may help you easily with that. Want to find out more about transcription services that can help? Transcriberry has helpful offers for those and many other cases!

Reasons for Getting Call Transcription Service + Benefits

Call recording transcription is associated with lots of benefits. And that is reasonable to get such a service because it:

  • Can help with details where accuracy has crucial importance – if you start dealing with legal or financial, or any other similar types of information, accuracy becomes more than valuable in many other cases. It is necessary to state all numbers and details correctly. Speech recognition software can help to reach the preciseness of data said during the conversations.
  • May ensure a path to dispute resolution – if you have got a dispute with some of your suppliers, customers, employees, or other persons, phone transcription services may help a lot with that. Apart from emotions that frequently dominate during such negotiations, you will be able to consider a bit later the entire content of all conversations conducted. This can help dramatically in finding the right solution for your dispute. Sounds promising, isn’t it?
  • Improving customer service – having professional phone call transcription software at hand or asking for human-made phone transcription , you may easily find out the main deficiencies, strong sides of your support function. Find out more about your customers, their attitude, your support agents, and their performance after getting quality transcription services.
  • Train employees – having the history of all phone calls at hand, you may find better strategies for your employees to upgrade their communication skills and your next results too.
  • Find a solution during business and other negotiations – conference call transcription services may be of great help for that. Frequently, negotiations are related mostly to establishing interpersonal contacts and trust between parties. But, if you want to get a new customer or contract, it is better to be proactive. Prompt assistance of PRO specialists and the application of advanced conference call transcription software will help to form a clear picture of all discussed matters when you don’t experience stress. And will help to find a better solution for such negotiations.
  • Arrange market research – if you discuss certain business-related matters personally, you always have higher chances of getting better results and information about market trends, expectations, and similar things. Speech recognition software will help with transferring audio content to precious textual materials you can review and form a clear view of how to act further to get more in the market.
  • Ensure the better performance of your team – if you are a boss who wants to see how the previous conversations in Zoom or other messengers were carried out, Zoom transcription services may help a lot. If you are an employee who wants to improve one's skills or who has failed to grasp important details, such conference call transcription services may even rescue you easily. Get more valuable details from an interview – if you have conducted such with a person and are unsure about specific details, phone interview transcription may be the exact tool workable for that.

Do you have any specific goals and objectives you wish to complete having audio recordings at hand? Let’s discuss all those precisely. Custom your workable transcription services online and get those promptly!

Phone Call Transcription Service

Do you need to transcribe your call recording?

Yes, transcribe my call recording

Human-Made Phone Call Transcription Sometimes Is the Single Workable Option

Sometimes recordings may be so complicated that it is difficult to recognize the meaning of what has been said, even for TOP advanced speech recognition software. This situation may be caused by insufficient quality of recordings, accents, noises, or special terminology. It is easy to get very silly phrases in the outcome of automated call transcription. Is that the final point? It may be funny, but that is surely not the main goal of phone transcription services.

Sometimes phone or conference call transcription services may be better provided by proficient transcriptionists. They are attentive to details and can help with identifying peculiarities of what has been said. Some professionals may specialize in dealing with the concrete type of conversations, like financial or legal. That may be of great help as specialists are already aware of the specific terms and context of their application. A human-made conference call service with transcription is an option that can deliver you content that can help in solving your current problems or simple issues. Custom easily your phone or conference call transcription services to get more from what was said.

How PRO Phone Transcription Software and Experienced Professionals May Work for Your Goals?

There is a number of advantages you may enjoy after getting conference call recording and transcription:

  • Many years of transcription experience – Transcriberry has a long-standing transcription practice and has developed workable approaches for each possible type of transcription request: interviews, phone and conference calls, meetings, lectures, and many other things are covered here. Request only!
  • Fast turnaround time for transcription – it doesn't take too long for us to perform well for you. Well-arranged processes, professionals, and PRO tools help to achieve transcription goals fast – a couple of hours or a day may be required only.
  • Skilled professionals available – this is the exact type of conference call transcription service. Ensure maximum accuracy and minimum errors for your content provided. Professionals know how to decode even too complicated content to make it clear for a customer.
  • Advanced phone call transcription software that may appear to be too expensive if ordered independently – our service works with such PRO tools and phone call transcription software. Is there any need in searching and paying for such if you need conference call recording transcription occasionally only? We suggest you save funds and time.
  • Security and confidentiality of services rendered and all its details – we safely store and protect all personal and other details thanks to security software, encryption, and other technologies. Would you like to enjoy transcription services safely and securely?

We suggest you start solving your problems with audio files. Quality and fast-operating phone call transcription software, proficient and experienced transcriptionists, high-quality standards, and affordable transcription rates are available for you in a couple of easy steps to pass. Transcriberry exists to help customers with their audio to text challenges providing quality conference call transcription services. Let us do that for you!


What about the Legal Side of Transcription Services?

Transcriberry has a strict privacy policy preventing any sharing of details about requested phone transcription services and their outcomes. Our service also implements reliable security tools and measures. Professionals who work with us sign non-disclosure agreements too.

How It is Possible to Get Phone Call Transcription?

It is necessary to upload files you have and select preferred options for transcription services you need. The charge for those will be calculated automatically, and you will get feedback about the completion of the transcription process as soon as possible. A bit later, it will be possible to upload the ready transcribed file.

How Long Does It Take to Arrange Conference Hall Transcription Services?

This matter depends on the type of services requested (human or automated), the length and complexity of audio recordings for call transcription. Automated phone transcription service may even take sometimes a couple of minutes or hours. Generally, it is carried out fast. Human-made phone call transcription services require more attention and may take around 24 hours or even less. Transcriberry works fast.

Is It Possible to Request Call Transcription for a File You Have Got Elsewhere?

Yes, it is more than possible. You need only provide us such a file, and our agents will do all required preparations. If you need automated transcription services, it doesn’t matter a lot where a recording was obtained. The same thing is with human transcription services. Submit it – don’t hesitate!

I have a Recording of My Conference Hall. Can I Get a Phone Call Transcription for It?

Sure, Transcriberry provides conference hall transcription services. This type of service emphasizes all specifics of these negotiations. We reflect those peculiarities in our ready texts so customers could easily find out the essence and course of negotiations.