English Transcription Online: Easy Audio to Text Conversion

Making transcription in English is not an easy matter when it is associated with converting files with accents, background noises, and similar things that prevent finding out what has been said. That is time-consuming and takes lots of effort (if professional tools and approaches are not available). You may spend lots of time searching for the right tools to work with difficult recordings. Or you can entrust that complicated work to PRO transcribers for affordable rates. Sounds beneficial?

Transcriberry quality performs from easy to PRO English transcription jobs: English pronunciation transcription, English IPA transcription, English phonetic transcription, and even old English phonetic transcription. Get here English transcription services are close to excellent and something more!

Audio in English to Transcription Easily

There are many English transcription examples available on the Internet, and you may probably want to know why it is worthy of working with us. Our service manages to cover and combine the most important aspects of transcription works effectively:

  • quality (high)
  • speed (fast)
  • accuracy (high)

We can cover the specifics of different types of pronunciation. British English phonetic transcription will be arranged, taking into account spelling, grammar, accent, etc. The same thing is with American English transcription. We are also ready to address any specific types of English transcription assignments. Shall we discuss those if you have such? We have good options to offer you.

Transcription for English words is not as complicated as it may appear first. If you involve professional and tested tools, experienced and fast-working specialists, English transcription may be arranged immaculately and for beneficial rates. Interested?

Prompt and Effective Automated English Transcription Service

Transcriberry offers effective, accurate, and fast English transcription service made with the use of advanced automated transcription tools . They process all incoming info fast and deliver results in the same fast but quality manner. If your recording for English transcription doesn't have any substantial noises, accents, or similar things, it is surely better to order this type of transcription assistance. You will get the expected result in a couple of minutes only. How do you find that?

Handmade and Immaculate Human English Transcription Service

Transcriberry English transcription service also can be delivered by native speakers and PRO transcription specialists. We select people who can deal with different complicated types of English transcription which are attentive to details and peculiarities of pronunciation. Some of our professionals are familiar with the specifics of certain industry terminology. Our service can arrange for you amazing (because 100% customized to your specific conditions) English transcription.

Launch and Get English Transcription Online in a Few Steps

How to get English transcription services? That is more than simple. The process covers these stages only:

  1. Upload your materials. Transcriberry uploader allows getting files from nearly any platform – YouTube , Google Drive, Dropbox, and others. Good equipment and tools enable us to get materials for English transcription within 10 minutes only.
  2. Select the preferred type of services. Choose “English” in preferences first of all. Later, it will be necessary to select the exact type of English transcription you need – a human-created or an automated one. The first option guarantees a 99%+ level of accuracy. English transcription made with the help of automated PRO tools ensures a bit less 87%+ level of accuracy.
  3. Get your ready transcript. Transcription of English words with the help of PRO automated tools will be arranged in a few minutes or hours only (depending on the length of your recordings). Human-created transcribed files will be made within 24 hours approximately (may be less).


For Whom Our English Transcription Services May Be of Use?

Transcriberry is suitable for professional linguists, transcribers, freelancers, and other interested specialists. English transcription will also be of great use for managers, assistants who have a need to deal with audio recordings but want to save time for that. Texts from audio files will help to achieve that.

Is It Long to Make English Audio Transcription?

The exact time for processing recordings varies depending on the length of such and preferred types of services. Automatic English transcription service may take a couple of hours only or even less, providing the level of accuracy 87%+. Human English transcription service may take around 24 hours with a 99.9% accuracy level.

What Languages Are Available for Transcription Services?

English is the major and the most popular one. German, French, and Spanish are available for audio to text transcription too.

Is It Possible to Upload Files from Other Platforms?

It is more than possible to arrange English transcription when a customer uploads files from other platforms – you may be confident about that. Transcriberry easily supports uploads from such platforms as Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia.

What Formats of Files Are Available for English Transcription?

Exporting data of ready-made English transcription is possible to arrange in the following formats: .docx (Microsoft Word), .txt (Plain text), .pdf (PDF), and .srt (SubRip). Exporting can be associated with highlights, timespans, and speaker names. A free-of-charge subtitle converter is available.