How do I transcribe an IPA to English?

International phonetic alphabet or IPA is different from a traditional, orthographic one. It indicates how the spoken words pronounce, which may be quite confusing. Especially if you are new to English IPA transcription . Even though you have surely seen IPA symbols before, they might seem like a completely foreign language. For example, when you transcribe to IPA the word audio, you will get ˈɔː.di.əʊ. Seems scary, right? However, learning how to read English words correctly is extremely important, especially if you are not a native speaker. That is why so many people are looking for IPA transcription tips. And if you are on this page, most likely, you are wondering how to do phonetics transcription online with no fuss. First of all, you should turn to Transcriberry.

We are not a random and poorly-operating IPA transcription generator. We are a team of experts with native English and the best degrees in the country. When hiring us, you can get IPA phonetic transcription quickly and accurately. And below, we are going to share a few tips!

Why is IPA transcription important?

International phonetic alphabet transcription is a common element of any dictionary. It helps people to understand how an English word is pronounced. And even though many people underestimate the importance of IPA transcription, Transcriberry experts want to highlight the main reasons why you should take it seriously:

  • Good English pronunciation. English learners need to practice sounds, and the best way is to remember its symbols when reading the IPA transcription English. You probably know that many English words are pronounced in a completely different way than they are written. This can be quite confusing, and you might experience a few awkward moments when saying something you didn’t want to just because you don’t know how to say the word correctly. Plus, you might notice that there are words where some letters are silent, and transcriptions help to detect them.
  • You can read a bunch of transcriptions. As a rule, there are more transcriptions in dictionaries than recordings. For example, the recording has only one way to pronounce a word while a dictionary – a few. Once you learn how to read phonetics, you’ll get extra information from any dictionary.
  • You can participate in discussions. Pronunciation often becomes a topic for dialogues. And if you want to be accepted or start a conversation with a person you like, mastering pronunciation is a good idea. You can join a discussion on forums and social media as well and show that you are a well-rounded person.
  • It is important to find out how the word is pronounced, but you can’t listen to the sound. For example, if there are no speakers on a computer or your headphones are broken. You might also be sitting in a noisy environment or be too shy to ask for someone’s help. That is when a written transcription can be very useful.

If you want to get all the advantages above (and even more), hire our IPA transcription converter. Our transcription services guarantee outstanding results in no time!

How do I get an IPA transcription?

The best way to get English transcription is to hire a professional. An IPA transcription generator is able to provide you with a perfect result quickly and accurately. None of the free resources available online are able to link the files, time stamp, and reduce side sounds if there are any.

And the best way to do that is to contact We provide all types of services, including phonetic transcription to English, and can boast outstanding results. Our team consists of thousands of professionals, which makes us one of the largest networks in the country. Our transcriptionists are native speakers who work on phonetic transcription 24/7. The prices are one of the most affordable, and you will never find a better company for such a low fee!

Send us a message, say that you want to transcribe IPA to English, and we will do the rest. Remember, with our IPA transcription tool, all your problems disappear.

What is a phonetic transcription example?

IPA transcription is quite tricky, as you already understand. But at the same time, you may need to transcribe IPA rather often. And if you are not ready to order IPA to English transcription, let us give you a few examples of how to IPA transcribe:

  • You ju:
  • Difficult ˈdɪfɪkəlt
  • About əˈbaʊt
  • Between bɪˈtwi:n
  • Child tʃaɪld
  • World wɜ:ʳld
  • Service ˈsɜ:ʳvɪs

With the help of our phonetic transcription software, you can convert literally any unfamiliar transcription into a word and vise versa. Isn’t it a great investment?

How can I transcribe for free?

You have probably heard that it is possible to get IPA transcription for free. That there is a magical phonetic transcription tool available for everyone on the Internet. Well, there are actually a few websites where you can input data and get an IPA transcription translation. But we have tested all of them and should say that they are awful. Some of the main disadvantages of free phonetic transcription translation are:

  • Poor quality
  • Data losses
  • Stealing of sensitive information
  • Hidden charges

Contact professionals

If you want to transcribe English to IPA and are not ready to tolerate mistakes and scammers, contact Transcriberry. We are a team of dedicated experts who know how to help students, journalists, and other specialists.

When getting a ready IPA transcription English becomes a simple and understandable language. And all of it for a reasonable fee, quickly and anonymously. We are waiting for your message!