Can You Get a Transcript of a Zoom Meeting?

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With the advent of the coronavirus, video conferencing has become especially in demand. Today there are over 200 platforms for online meetings. Among all brands, Zoom has become the leader. Are you a student or an employee of a large company and want to transcribe audio or video files, so you don't take notes? You have taken a modern approach as there are now many platforms that provide oom call transcription.

How does professional Zoom transcription work? Companies providing high-level Zoom transcription services work according to a single algorithm:

  • You record the Zoom meeting (set it up in your account) and download the MP4 file.
  • You send the file to the appropriate transcription company.
  • The transcription company will transcribe the recording in the language you want.
  • The editors will check the terminology if you order transcriptions for technical sciences.
  • Experts will check the text for spelling, stylistic, punctuation errors and will send the finished text to your email or offer to export the document to TXT, DOCX, PDF, HTML, or other formats.
  • As you can see, using the Zoom meeting transcription service will save you time and be sure that the texts are accurate, as the editors carefully check errors. You can spend your free time on more important projects.

    How Do I Transcribe a Zoom Meeting For Free?

    There are no online platforms that do Zoom transcription for you for free. All experts value their skills, so you can only find free software to transcribe audio to text in this situation. However, as you know, every free product has its drawbacks. You run the risk of getting a jumble of words, incorrect spelling of sentences, lack of punctuation marks, and much more.

    Why do developers create low-quality free transcription programs? Their goal is to profit from traffic or program downloads. Therefore, the developers use the cheapest speech recognition algorithms, which, as a result, cannot decrypt voice files with background noise or quiet sound. Besides this, free voice transcription software can contain several other problems.

    Malicious Ads

    To get even more profit, free transcription software developers advertise on various products and services. Most of these advertisements are harmful, as prestigious brands will never do business with deceivers. In addition, harmful ads harm the normal functioning of your device. Through this ad, hackers can spy on your online activities and steal personal data.

    Hidden Paid Services

    Some programs are available for free download, but their services are paid. How does it work? You download the application, and the program provides you with the ability to decrypt 1 minute of audio and requires payment for the remaining volume. You fall into the trap of a marketing strategy to attract customers. Please don't waste time looking for free voice transcribing software, as it is cheating!

    Lack of Quality Control

    As we noted, free apps have basic speech recognition features. What does it mean? The program can recognize simple words. However, the system cannot form these words into sentences, place the necessary punctuation marks, and format the text. Lack of quality control on the final output of the project leads to incorrect Zoom transcription.

    Transcript Restrictions

    Even if you manage to find free speech-to-text transcription software, it will have limitations. You will not be able to decode audio for more than 10 minutes a day. Also, developers can set a limit on the download of text versions of audio. Why does it happen? Most likely, the developers are not sure about the excellent functionality of the program. Such restrictions can reduce the load on the application and prevent attempts to work incorrectly. If you need to transcribe a large audio or video file, this option will not work. However, we have a great alternative, which you can read about below!

    How Can I Get a Transcript of a Video?

    Today in the market for transcription services , there are many brands. However, not all of them have the same benefits as We analyzed the platform from A to Z and are confident in their flawless work.

    Transcriberry is a company that has specialized in audio to text transcription for many years. The company managed to assemble a team of their professional transcriber with an academic background in linguistics. Most of the experts have higher education and are native speakers, which allows them to do their job at the highest level. Note that Transcriberry cooperates only with native English speakers: residents of the UK and the USA.

    Transcriberry has an excellent online reputation - customer reviews are proof of this. The experts of this company can decrypt files of any format: MP2, MP3, MP4, MSV, Quicktime, WAV, etc. Transcriberry services are suitable for different audiences. Let's take a look at the main groups of people that the platform helps.

    Academic Area

    Online education is rapidly gaining momentum. Students want to study online because it is convenient. To make online learning more effective, Transcriberry creates audio to text transcriptions across all disciplines. Experts can transcribe lectures , webinars, seminars that teachers give at Zoom. They can also help teachers who want to transcribe their audio files for people with disabilities.

    Law Area

    Eavesdropping on ship processes can be time-consuming. However, Transcriberry can transcribe interviews , phone calls,meetings , online conferences at Zoom in no time. The company has experts who are well versed in law terminology. Therefore, you can simplify the analysis of a legal case both for yourself and for the client, partner.

    Business Area

    Are you tired of recording information from your boss or manager during conferences at Zoom? Are you bad at remembering data and want to capture it in text format not to let the client down? Transcriberry can implement Zoom meeting transcription for any business area!

    What is The Best Voice Transcription Software?

    If you need faster transcription audio to text, Transcriberry has taken care of that. The company has developed the best audio-to-text transcription software, which has several advantages that differ from other brands. Let's take a closer look at them.

    High-Quality Guarantee

    Even though the Zoom transcription will be carried out by artificial intelligence, the company guarantees that the document's quality will be flawless. They fulfill this promise with powerful tools that are capable of recognizing voices of different keys and styles. Also, audio to text transcription software can recognize voices with background noise or low frequencies. Spelling and punctuation tools refine your text to perfection.

    Fast Document Delivery

    The automatic voice recognition system can transcribe in minutes. The average task execution time is 5 minutes, which is several times less than other companies. This time is enough for the company to carry out transcription and editing of the final version of the text.

    Low Price Policy

    Automatic audio to text transcription is 25 ¢ per minute, while other brands charge $ 1 or more. Therefore, with Transcriberry you save a lot. Also, the company does not take hidden commissions - a fixed price is a confirmation of this.

    What is The Best Transcription Company?

    Of course - Transcriberry ! Why? The answer is simple - the company carries out both manual and automatic transcription. This means that the platform is well versed in speech recognition algorithms and applies current trends in its work.

    In addition, the company protects customer data by implementing the best encryption methods. Transcriberry never distributes your documents to the Internet. Also, the company does not store your audio, video, and text files in the database without your permission. Therefore, you do not run the risk of becoming a victim of a hacker. Hurry up to feel the joy of working with Transcriberry and become more productive in your studies or work!