What is the best free transcription software?

Efficiency is one of the key elements of a successful life. Whether we are talking about work, education, or personal matters. The faster you are ready to show results and the more focused you are - the better. Especially if we are talking about turning speeches, videos, and notes into text manually. Where to find time for doing that without transcription software?

The most experienced and successful students, journalists, bloggers, and entrepreneurs know that turning ideas, notes, presentations, and interviews into files with the help of automatic transcription software is convenient and fast. But the best programs should be paid for.

Unfortunately, all the free tools are open source transcription software. This means that the code can be hacked, rewritten, and used for someone’s bad purposes. When using free automatic transcription software, you risk the content and can’t expect a good result.

That is why instead of using free transcription software, we recommend contacting reliable companies. For example, Transcriberry. Our team of professional and native-speaking transcribers is able to do the task quickly and efficiently. You won’t have to worry about missing the deadlines or getting the ideas wrong. There won’t be any mistakes in the text, and no one is going to steal the data from you. And all of it for a very low price!

Which software is best for transcription?

Now you understand how bad transcription software free is and why you should stay away from them. But you need an alternative, right? And Transcriberry is the best of all alternatives you will ever find! Below we want to discuss some of the main benefits we are ready to offer.

Fast completion

It is undeniable that meeting the deadlines is crucial, not depending on the sphere and industry you are working in. That is why your task is to make sure that you transcribe and process the file quickly before the indicated time. The easiest way to do it is to use our transcribing software. On average, it takes us 24 hours to transcribe a 1-hour recording manually and 5 minutes – automatically.

While our competitors charge extra fees for fast completion, we do it for free! Thanks to a large number of transcriptionists, we can meet any deadline that you have without making mistakes or missing anything out. Free transcription software will never provide such a guarantee because you will receive a poor text that should be fixed and rewritten over and over again.

Perfect accuracy

Transcription software free services never provide customers with an accuracy guarantee. You will get a poor result and need to spend hours and even days fixing the mistakes and imperfections. On the other hand, Transcriberry.com offers a 99% accuracy guarantee. This means that the recording will match the text almost entirely, and there won’t be any mistakes.

Well, we are all humans and make errors. That is why we offer a returning period during which you can request editing and corrections. Remember, when choosing automated transcription software, the accuracy is lower but still remains one of the best on the market.

Affordable and transparent prices

When you choose our transcribe software, you can expect a clear payment policy. Unlike other companies, we never change prices in the process, and you don’t have to be afraid of hidden payments. We always explain our pricing policy and tell you about possible additional features and options.

Our rates are average on the market, which means that we can maintain our digital transcription software on a high level and pay good salaries without tricking you out of money. And don’t forget that we always offer discounts, bonuses, and free features to make cooperation even cheaper.

Qualified transcriptionists

Even the best free transcription software lacks one crucial feature – human transcriptionists. And this is one of the biggest advantages that we are ready to offer. Our experts are native English speakers who have the necessary experience and technical background.

They know the transcribe software from A to Z, are aware of slang and dialects, are very attentive, and fast. They know how to use headphones and foot pedals and are always improving their skills.

Credibility and confidentiality

When using automatic transcription software free services, there is no way how you can check the reliability of the instruments and data protection. But when turning to us, you can get both.

First of all, we offer confidentiality agreements and use encryption software to protect your information. We also check the background and experience of every transcriptionist to make sure that you cooperate only with the best specialists. Plus, we constantly test and improve systems to prevent sensitive data leakage and other problems.

Transcriberry has the best transcription software and personnel, which is proven by lots of positive reviews on the Internet. You talk to former customers or ask our support agents for work samples. We have a well-established international reputation and are sure that credibility matters.

Is there an auto transcription software?

You already know that we provide the best transcribing software on the market. And we give you a great opportunity to choose between manual and auto transcription software. To help you make a decision, let us discuss the main differences and advantages of both types:

  • Manual transcription. It is completed by professional transcriptionists. They receive your requirements and start working on the task manually. Using headphones, foot pedals, and other equipment, they write down the file word after word without missing anything. This process is a bit more expensive and time-consuming. But in the end, you receive a flawless document!
  • Automated transcription. Our transcribe software uses the latest market tendencies, instruments, and achievements to provide outstanding results. It is cheap and extremely fast – a transcribed file is ready within 5 minutes.

At Transcriberry.com, you can always find the best transcriptionists. They are native speakers with college and university degrees who know how to deal with assignments professionally. Send us a message, and we will calculate the price and explain how everything works. Remember, your success can be achieved with the help of our transcription software. So why not use it?

Is there a free transcription app?

Yes, there are many transcribe software free websites on the Internet. There, you can upload a file or URL and receive a transcription without spending anything. However, above, we have already discussed the disadvantages and harms of such transcription software. You may end up with lost data, poor quality content, and other problems.

If you don’t want to risk and need a high-quality result, we recommend using our audio transcribing software. Professional transcriptionists will handle any topic, file, and complexity even if the background sounds are too loud. We guarantee that you will be extremely satisfied with the outcome without spending much.

How do I convert an audio file to text?

Apart from using free audio transcription software, you can try and do everything manually. This process involved a bunch of different steps and may take lots of time and nerves. If you don’t want to transcribe speeches, lectures, meetings , and other audio files to text on your own, there’s always a chance to contact Transcriberry. We are a team of experts that cope with all subjects and industries.

Here are only some of the formats we process:

  • MP3
  • DSD
  • AAC
  • FLAC
  • WAV
  • AIFF

If you want to achieve outstanding results, you won’t do without the help of our transcribing software. We have been on the market for years and have already completed hundreds of transcriptions for people across the world.

Even if you think that your topic is too complex or the file is too noisy, don’t worry. Our attentive, skilled, and experienced transcriptionists will easily do the job. We guarantee 99% accuracy, offer lots of additional transcription services, and are ready to proofread and edit the text for you.

Put away all the worries and hesitations, send us a message, and ask any questions you might have. It is the easiest and the most effective way to get a perfect transcription in a matter of days or even hours. We are here 24/7 and want to make your life better!